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Holiday Sparkle


Twinkling lights, garlands of silver and gold. Candles and bright-colored candies. Champagne, good company, good spirits. It’s the time to shine and sparkle.

The holiday party season is also the time to set aside shyness and bring out the best, most extravagant pieces in the jewelry box. Designed to celebrate and elevate the wearer, TOMO’s cocktail rings and pendants spotlight anyone’s fancy and festive style.

Possibly the perfect ornament for a party ensemble, TOMO’s One-for-Two necklaces have the magical ability to transform from one dazzling gemstone pendant to another. A hexagon of sparkling pavé sapphires swivels and turns to rich, evergreen emeralds, and another turns from crimson rubies to champagne diamonds. A slightly smaller, round One-for-Two necklace shifts from rubies to emeralds, in a halo of pavé diamonds.

GIA Certified Blue Sapphire Platinum Ring with Diamonds model 570x760 1

More subtle, but equally stunning for a sophisticated evening, the TOMO blue sapphire platinum ring features a deep cerulean stone, encircled by glittering pavé diamonds like starry skies. And, her serene green beryl ring shines in a classic square frame of diamonds and platinum.

Beryl is a good choice to wear for the holidays. It is actually a family of gemstones with a rainbow of beautiful colors, and each has its own special meaning and properties. The green variety of beryl, which includes emeralds, is associated with the heart chakra, and said to foster love, compassion and forgiveness. Its sister, the peach-pink version of beryl, is called Morganite. Its qualities are self-love and acceptance, and, since it is connected to the sacral chakra, it may also promote pleasure, creativity, and sensuality.

Green Beryl 18k Yellow Gold Ring with Diamonds model 570x760 1

One of TOMO’s most spectacular beryl pieces is an 18kt gold ring with a 16.89-carat stone. And if you’ve been saving this ring for a special occasion, now is absolutely the time to bring it out and slip it on. The breathtaking beryl catches the holiday light in countless ways, and with its halo of diamonds and intricate filigree setting, it is a statement of feminine confidence and grace.

TOMO offers several other exquisite green beryl and Morganite pieces. The champagne pink Morganite necklace, with its soaring, 5.61-carat kite-shaped stone is both powerful and wistful. This unique necklace can be complemented with an equally-stunning 18kt rose gold ring with a 5.98-carat Morganite. The oval gemstone is surrounded by diamonds, the “stone of love,” which may help clear the way for unconditional love, peace and serenity. 

We hope you enjoy wearing your most extraordinary TOMO jewelry—and on behalf of all of us at TOMO, we wish you and yours a joyful and sparkling holiday season!